A.G. Bell
1847 - 1922

F.W. Baldwin
1882 - 1948

J.A.D. McCurdy
1886 - 1961

Victoria County
Nova Scotia

Three plaques on the outside wall of the Bell Museum

GPS location:   46°06'11"N   60°44'44"W

Three plaques on the Bell Museum wall
Three plaques on the Bell Museum wall

Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)

Frederick Walker "Casey" Baldwin (1882-1948)

John A.D. McCurdy (1886-1961)
"...the first person to fly an aeroplane in the British Empire..."
This plaque needs to be corrected.

It is now known that the flight at Baddeck on 23 February 1909,
mentioned on this plaque, was the first flight in Canada,
but was not the first flight in the British Empire.

Eighteen weeks earlier, on 16 October 1908, Samuel Franklin Cody
made a flight of 1390 feet 424 metres over Laffin's Plain, Farnborough,
England, which is recognized by the Royal Aero Club as the first
powered flight in England and in the British Empire.

View showing the location of the three plaques

The above photographs were taken on 24 June 2003.

Also see: A.G. Bell National Historic Park

First Aeroplane Flight monument at the Baddeck Courthouse

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John Alexander Douglas McCurdy (1886-1961)
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J.A.D. McCurdy Several interesting photographs...

The Silver Dart makes Canadian aviation history: a look back
Audio clip from the CBC archives
An interview with J.A.D. McCurdy, broadcast on 23 February 1949,
the 40th anniversary of the first flight of the Silver Dart at Baddeck

John A.D. McCurdy by J.M.S. Careless

Canadian Aviation Historical Society, Silver Dart Chapter

First Airplane flight in Canada by U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission

John Alexander Douglas McCurdy

Treasures of the APS: A.G. Bell on Powered Flight
Alexander Graham Bell's address to the American Philosophical Society
on 7 May 1909, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...

Trial by Flyer
...Alexander Graham Bell invited Curtiss to visit him in Washington in January 1907 and
ordered a four-cylinder engine for his kite experiments. Meanwhile, Bell had received
a call from Selfridge, a young West Point graduate who had been studying flight and
believed the military would soon take it seriously. Bell invited Selfridge to Nova Scotia
to see his kites and to meet Mabel. The Bells took a liking to the earnest and personable
young officer, and welcomed him like a member of the family. Bell asked his friend
President Theodore Roosevelt to allow Selfridge to join him as an official aviation observer...

Glenn Curtiss photographs, 1909 many taken at Baddeck

Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame

Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame
The fragile aircraft Silver Dart shook loose the frozen bonds of Nova Scotia's
Bras d'Or Lake in nineteen hundred nine to usher in this fledgling nation's age of flight...

Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922

Frederick Walker Baldwin (1882-1948)

John Alexander Douglas McCurdy (1886-1961)

Gerald Lester MacInnis (1914-1991)

Stuart Graham (1896-1976)

Lindsay Rood (1911- )

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

Bell National Historic Park A.G. Bell National Historic Park Baddeck

Baddeck: First Aeroplane Flight monument First Aeroplane Flight monument Baddeck

North River war memorial North River war memorial North River

Port Dauphin Naval Base monument, 1713-1719 Port Dauphin Naval Base monument, 1713-1719 Englishtown

Englishtown war memorial Englishtown war memorial Englishtown

Indian Brook war memorial Indian Brook war memorial Indian Brook

Ingonish war memorial Ingonish war memorial Ingonish

Neils Harbour war memorial Neils Harbour war memorial Neils Harbour

South Harbour war memorial South Harbour war memorial South Harbour

John Cabot 1497 memorial John Cabot 1497 memorial Aspy Bay

Transtlantic Telegraph historic site 1856 Transtlantic Telegraph historic site 1856 Aspy Bay

St. Margarets Village war memorial St. Margarets Village war memorial St. Margarets Village

Middle River war memorial Middle River war memorial Middle River

Whycocomagh war memorial Whycocomagh war memorial Whycocomagh

Belle Cote war memorial Belle Cote war memorial Belle Cote

Cheticamp war memorial Cheticamp war memorial Cheticamp

French Mountain war memorial French Mountain war memorial French Mountain

Inverness coal miners memorial Inverness coal miners monument Inverness

D'Escousse war memorial D'Escousse war memorial D'Escousse

Sampsonville centennial plaque Samsonville centennial plaque Sampsonville

Sydney Harbour in WW2 Sydney Harbour in the Second World War Sydney Boardwalk

New Victoria war memorial New Victoria war memorial New Victoria

Sydney Forks war memorial Sydney Forks war memorial Sydney Forks

John Bernard Croak V.C. memorial school Glace Bay

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