Photographs of
War Memorials,
Historic Monuments
and Plaques
Sunbury County, Nova Scotia
(before 1785)

Before 1785, the area now known as Westmorland County,
New Brunswick, was part of Sunbury County in Nova Scotia,
and was administered by the Governor and Council at Halifax.
In 1765, the Nova Scotia Government established Sunbury County,
which included all the area now known as New Brunswick.  From
September 1768 to October 1785, Sunbury County had two elected
representatives in the Nova Scotia Provincial Parliament at Halifax.
After October 1785, this area was no longer eligible to send
representatives to the Nova Scotia Provincial Parliament.

Sunbury County, Nova Scotia by Wikipedia,_Nova_Scotia

Fort Beausejour plaquesAulac — Fort Beausejour plaques

Thomas Dixson, November 1776, plaqueFort Cumberland — Thomas Dixson, November 1776, plaque

Fort Lawrence interpretative panelFort Cumberland — Fort Lawrence 1750-1756, interpretative panel

Fort Gaspareaux plaque, 1751Port Elgin — Fort Gaspareaux cairn and plaque, 1751

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