Nova Scotia
P-12 School Websites

Education Week
April 1998

Below is a list of all Nova Scotia schools
known to have a website as of Education Week 1998.

April 2005:   415 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 2004:   369 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 2003:   349 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 2002:   299 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 2001:   257 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 2000:   179 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 1999:   158 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 1998:   116 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
Current List of Nova Scotia Schools with Websites

All of these URLs were tested and found to be valid, during 20-24 April 1998.

  1. Atlantic View Elementary School (P-5), Lawrencetown, Halifax County.
    The first elementary school in Nova Scotia to develop its own home page on the World Wide Web; it first went online in February 1995.
    1995 website:
    (originally located at )
    1996-97 website:

  2. Aldershot Elementary School (P-6), Kentville

  3. St. Mary's Elementary School (P-6), Aylesford, Kings County

  4. Weymouth Consolidated High School (P-12), Weymouth

  5. Digby Neck Consolidated School (P-6), Sandy Cove, Digby County

  6. Digby Regional High School (7-12), Digby

  7. Annapolis West Education Centre (9-12), Annapolis Royal

  8. Annapolis East Elementary School (P-6), Middleton

  9. Bridgetown Regional High School (7-12), Bridgetown

  10. Lawrencetown Consolidated School (P-6), Lawrencetown, Annapolis County

  11. Middleton Regional High School (10-12), Middleton

  12. Somerset & District Elementary School (P-6), Berwick

  13. Kingston and District School (P-7), Kingston, Kings County
    We are the largest elementary school in the province...

  14. Central Kings Rural High School (8-12), Cambridge Station, Kings County

  15. West Kings District High School (7-12), Auburn, Kings County

  16. Coldbrook & District School (P-8), Coldbrook, Kings County
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  17. Kings County Academy (P-12), Kentville

  18. Cornwallis District High School (7-12), Canning, Kings County

  19. Horton High School (10-12), New Minas, Kings County

  20. Landmark East School, Wolfville

  21. Mill Cove District School (P-5), Mill Cove, Lunenburg County

  22. Newcombville Elementary School (P-6), Newcombville, Lunenburg County

  23. West Northfield Elementary School (P-6), West Northfield, Lunenburg County

  24. Chester Area Middle School (6-9), Chester, Lunenburg County

  25. Forest Heights Community School (10-12), Chester Basin, Lunenburg County

  26. New Germany Rural High School (7-12), New Germany, Lunenburg County

  27. Centre Consolidated (P-9), Centre, Lunenburg County

  28. Park View Education Centre (10-12), Bridgewater

  29. North Queens Rural High (7-12), Caledonia, Queens County

  30. North Queens Elementary School (P-6), Caledonia, Queens County

  31. Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy (P-6), Liverpool

  32. Liverpool Regional High School (10-12), Liverpool

  33. Lockeport Elementary School (P-6), Lockeport

  34. Yarmouth Central Elementary School (P-6), Yarmouth

  35. Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School, Yarmouth

  36. Maple Grove Education Centre (7-9), Hebron, Yarmouth County

  37. Yarmouth - Shelburne Learning Centres,

  38. Shelburne Regional High School, Shelburne

  39. Lockeport Regional High School, Lockeport

  40. Barrington Municipal High School, Barrington Passage

  41. Sacred Heart Elementary School (P-6), Sydney

  42. Riverview Rural High School (10-12), Coxheath, Cape Breton County
    Site #1:
    Site #2: (This site has been allocated but has not yet been developed.)

  43. Breton Education Centre (7-12), New Waterford
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  44. George D. Lewis School (P-9), Louisbourg
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  45. MacDonald Complex (P-12), Dominion

  46. Morrison Junior High School (7-9), Glace Bay
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  47. Glace Bay High School (10-12), Glace Bay

  48. Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High School (7-9), Whitney Pier

  49. Holy Angels High School (10-12), Sydney

  50. Sydney Academy (10-12), Sydney
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  51. Sherwood Park Education Centre (7-9), Sydney
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  52. Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High School (7-9), Sydney
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  53. MacLennan Junior High School (7-9), Westmount

  54. Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High School (7-9), Bras d'Or, Cape Breton County
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  55. L'Ardoise School (5-8), L'Ardoise, Richmond County

  56. Felix Marchand Elementary School (P-4), Louisdale, Richmond County

  57. St. Peter's District High School (9-12), St. Peter's, Richmond County

  58. Whycocomagh Consolidated School (P-12), Whycocomagh, Inverness County

  59. Strait Area Education & Recreation Centre (7-12), Port Hawkesbury
    The SAERC Girls Highland Thunder Electric Racing Team

    [This is a single URL. Reconnect the separate lines and eliminate all spaces and carriage returns.]

  60. Port Hawkesbury Elementary
    Centennial Elementary (P-4)
    Senior Elementary (5-6)

  61. Chedabucto Elementary School, Guysborough
    Chedabucto Elementary School, Grade 5 Class M,

  62. Guysborough Municipal High School, Guysborough

  63. Canso High School (P-12), Canso

  64. Antigonish East High School (7-12), Monastery, Antigonish County

  65. Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School (9-12), Antigonish

  66. St. Andrew's Consolidated Elementary School (P-6), St. Andrew's, Antigonish County

  67. Braemore Elementary School (P-6), Antigonish

  68. East Pictou Rural High School (7-12), Thorburn

  69. E.B. Chandler Junior High School (7-8), Amherst

  70. Northport Elementary School (P-6), Northport, Cumberland County

  71. North Colchester High School (7-12), Tatamagouche

  72. Cobequid Educational Centre (10-12), Truro

  73. Bible Hill Junior High School (7-9), Truro

  74. South Colchester High School (10-12), Brookfield, Colchester County

  75. Brookfield Junior High School (7-9), Brookfield, Colchester County

  76. Hants North Rural High School (7-12), Kennetcook, Hants County

  77. Hants West Rural High School (7-12), Brooklyn, Hants County

  78. Gaetz Brook Junior High School (7-9), Head of Chezzetcook, Halifax County

  79. Duncan MacMillan High School (7-12), Sheet Harbour, Halifax County

  80. Dutch Settlement Elementary School (P-6), Dutch Settlement, Halifax County

  81. Oceanview Elementary School (P-6), Eastern Passage, Halifax County

  82. Eastern Passage Junior High School (7-9), Eastern Passage, Halifax County

  83. Musquodoboit Rural High School (7-12), Middle Musquodoboit, Halifax County

  84. Georges P. Vanier Junior High School (7-9), Fall River, Halifax County

  85. A.J. Smeltzer Junior High School (7-9), Lower Sackville, Halifax County

  86. Leslie Thomas Junior High School (7-9), Lower Sackville, Halifax County
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  87. Sackville Centennial School (P-6), Lower Sackville, Halifax County

  88. Sackville High School (10-12), Lower Sackville, Halifax County

  89. Sackville Heights Junior High School (7-9), Lower Sackville, Halifax County

  90. Millwood High School (10-12), Middle Sackville, Halifax County

  91. Brookside Junior High School (6-9), Armdale, Halifax County

  92. Tantallon Junior High School (7-9), Tantallon, Halifax County

  93. Sir John A. MacDonald High School (10-12), Hubley, Halifax County

  94. Beechville Lakeside Timberlea School (P-9), Halifax County

  95. Cornwallis Junior High School (7-9), Halifax

  96. Highland Park Junior High School (7-9), Halifax

  97. Halifax West High School (10-12), Halifax
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  98. Elizabeth Sutherland School (P-9), Halifax

  99. Rockingham School (P-6), Halifax
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  100. Clayton Park Junior High School (7-9), Halifax

  101. St. Francis Elementary School (P-6), Halifax

  102. O'Connell Drive Elementary School (P-6), Porter's Lake, Halifax County

  103. J.L. Ilsley High School (10-12), Halifax

  104. St. Patrick's High School (10-12), Halifax

  105. Armbrae Academy (P-12), Halifax

  106. LeMarchant St. Thomas School (P-6), Halifax

  107. John MacNeil School (P-6), Dartmouth

  108. Dartmouth High School (10-12), Dartmouth

  109. Astral Drive Junior High School (7-9), Cole Harbour

  110. Colonel John Stuart Elementary School (P-6), Dartmouth

  111. Ross Road Elementary & Junior High School (P-9), Dartmouth

  112. Bridgeway Academy, Dartmouth

  113. Prince Andrew High School (10-12), Dartmouth

  114. Prince Arthur Junior High School (7-9), Dartmouth

  115. École du Carrefour, Dartmouth

  116. Cole Harbour High School (10-12), Cole Harbour, Halifax County
    Biographies, written by students of Cole Harbour High School

This is not a school home page, but it is a WWW site that makes prominent mention of
Hants North Rural High School, Kennetcook, Hants County

Nova Scotia Community College System

  1. Annapolis Campus, Middleton

  2. Burridge Campus, Yarmouth

  3. College of Geographic Sciences, Middleton

  4. Cumberland Campus, Springhill

  5. Halifax Campus, Bell Road, Halifax

  6. Institute of Technology Campus, Leeds Street, Halifax

  7. I.W. Akerley Campus, Dartmouth

  8. Kingstec Campus, Kentville

  9. Lunenburg Campus, Bridgewater

  10. Marconi Campus, located on the Sydney - Glace Bay highway

  11. Pictou Campus, Stellarton

  12. Shelburne Campis, Shelburne

  13. Strait Area Campus, Port Hawkesbury

  14. Truro Campus, Truro

Related Websites

  1. Nova Scotia Secondary School Students' Association

  2. Southwest Regional School Board, Yarmouth

  3. Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, Berwick

  4. Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, Sydney

  5. Strait Regional School Board, Port Hastings

  6. Halifax Regional School Board, Halifax

All of the URLs above were valid when checked in April 1998.
They have been reproduced here by Copy and Paste.
There are no typing errors in the URLs, because no typing was involved.

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