Nova Scotia
P-12 School Websites

Education Week
April 2000

Below is a list of all Nova Scotia schools
known to have a website as of Education Week 2000.

Actually, there was no Education Week in 2000 in Nova Scotia. The usual celebration was scheduled for the usual time, the third week of April, but it was cancelled early in April by the School Board Association as a way of protesting the provincial government's reductions in education funding. This annual list of Nova Scotia schools on the Internet has been timed in the past to coincide with Education Week, and this year's list has been prepared at the usual time.

April 2005:   415 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 2004:   369 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 2003:   349 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 2002:   299 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 2001:   257 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 2000:   179 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 1999:   158 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
April 1998:   116 Nova Scotia Schools with Websites
Current List of Nova Scotia Schools with Websites

During 22-26 April 2000 all of these URLs were tested
and found to be valid, (except for the disappeared sites).

  1. Atlantic View Elementary School (P-5), Lawrencetown, Halifax County

    The first elementary school in Nova Scotia to develop its own home page on the World Wide Web; it first went online in February 1995. Atlantic View Elementary has posted a web page continuously since February 1995.
    1995 website:
    (originally located at )
    1996-97 website:
    1997-98 website:
    1998-99 website:

    Atlantic View Elementary School (P-5), Lawrencetown, Halifax County

    Award Logo Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 10-14 January 2000
    Category:   Resources
    Citation:   Are you looking for something fun to do on the Internet? The Grade 4 class of Atlantic View Elementary School has some great Web Hunts for you to do. It's a fun way to use the Internet to learn new things.

  2. St. Mary's Elementary School (P-6), Aylesford, Kings County

  3. Weymouth Consolidated High School (P-12), Weymouth

  4. Digby Neck Consolidated School (P-6), Sandy Cove, Digby County
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  5. Digby Middle Level School (7-8), Digby

  6. Annapolis West Education Centre (9-12), Annapolis Royal, Annapolis County

  7. Annapolis East Elementary School (P-6), Middleton

  8. Middleton Regional High School (10-12), Middleton

  9. Bridgetown Regional High School (7-12), Bridgetown, Annapolis County

  10. Lawrencetown Consolidated School (P-6), Lawrencetown, Annapolis County

  11. Somerset & District Elementary School (P-6), Berwick

  12. Dwight Ross School, Greenwood, Kings County

  13. Kingston and District School (P-7), Kingston, Kings County

    We are the largest elementary school in the province...

  14. West Kings District High School (7-12), Auburn, Kings County

    Award Logo Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 8-12 November, 1999
    Category:   Communications
    Citation:   Communication is what West Kings District High Schools forte is! Our scouts were impressed from the very first page. It featured a current education issue in Nova Scotia, and encouraged people to email responses and comments to them. They also feature the school news, have a LIVE WK Web Kam scoping out the action in the school, and a white pages to access students email.

  15. Central Kings Rural High School (8-12), Cambridge Station, Kings County

    Central Kings Website Named School Site of the Month
    Central Kings Rural High School's website was chosen "School Site of the Month" for January 2000 by the magazine Technology and Learning, a monthly magazine for K-12 technology-using educators, with a circulation of over 80,000. It is published in the United States, and has subscribers in Canada, Mexico, and other countries.
    Technology and Learning's website at

  16. Coldbrook & District School (P-8), Coldbrook, Kings County
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  17. Kings County Academy (P-12), Kentville

  18. Glooscap Elementary School (P-6), Canning, Kings County

  19. Cornwallis District High School (7-12), Canning, Kings County

  20. Horton High School (10-12), New Minas, Kings County

  21. Landmark East School, Wolfville

  22. Wolfville School (P-9), Wolfville

  23. Port Williams Elementary School (P-6), Port Williams, Kings County

  24. Newport Station District Elementary School (P-6), Newport Station, Hants County

  25. Windsor Regional High School (10-12), Windsor

  26. Mill Cove District School (P-5), Mill Cove, Lunenburg County

  27. Newcombville Elementary School (P-6), Newcombville, Lunenburg County

  28. West Northfield Elementary School (P-6), West Northfield, Lunenburg County

  29. Chester Area Middle School (6-9), Chester, Lunenburg County

  30. Forest Heights Community School (10-12), Chester Grant, Lunenburg County

  31. New Ross Consolidated School (P-9), New Ross, Lunenburg County

  32. New Germany Rural High School (7-12), New Germany, Lunenburg County

  33. Centre Consolidated School (P-9), Centre, Lunenburg County

  34. Bridgewater Elementary School, Bridgewater

  35. B.H.S. Education Foundation, Bridgewater High School, Bridgewater

  36. Park View Education Centre (10-12), Bridgewater

  37. North Queens Rural High School (7-12), Caledonia, Queens County

  38. North Queens Elementary School (P-6), Caledonia, Queens County

    Award Logo Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 3-7 April 2000
    Category: Presentation
    Citation: This web site, designed completely by Grade 6 students in the Computer Club, is really great. There is so much to see and read!! Learn about the school's other clubs, school sports, school fundraising, and you can even learn a little bit about each staff member. Super work!

  39. Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy (P-6), Liverpool

  40. Liverpool Regional High School (10-12), Liverpool

  41. Yarmouth Central Elementary School (P-6), Yarmouth

  42. Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School, Yarmouth

  43. Maple Grove Education Centre (7-9), Hebron, Yarmouth County

  44. Yarmouth Adult High School, Yarmouth

  45. Evelyn Richardson Memorial Elementary School (P-6), Shag Harbour, Shelburne County

  46. Barrington Municipal High School, Barrington Passage

    Award Logo Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 8-12 November, 1999
    Category:   Resources
    Citation:   What a clean, well organized site! Our scouts loved the pull-down menu. Makes for a quick easy look at what the site has to offer without getting lost searching around. The Resources for Teachers are great! Not only do they cover a large span of topics, but they are well organized. Teachers and students can benefit from these resources. Go have a look!

  47. Lockeport Regional High School (10-12), Lockeport

  48. Shelburne Regional High School, Shelburne

  49. Port Hood Consolidated School (P-12), Port Hood, Inverness County

  50. Riverview Rural High School (10-12), Coxheath, Cape Breton County

    Riverview is said to have been the first high school
    in Cape Breton to have a World Wide Web site.

  51. Sydney River Elementary School (P-6), Sydney River, Cape Breton County

  52. Breton Education Centre (7-12), New Waterford

  53. George D. Lewis School (P-9), Louisbourg
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  54. MacDonald Complex (P-12), Dominion
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  55. Glace Bay Elementary School (P-6), Glace Bay
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  56. Mira Road Elementary School (P-6), Sydney

  57. Sacred Heart Elementary School (P-6), Sydney
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  58. Gowrie Memorial Elementary School (P-6), Port Morien, Cape Breton County
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  59. Colby - St. Joseph Elementary School, Sydney

  60. Don Bosco Junior High School, Sydney

    The school was destroyed by fire in March 1999,
    but it has an active website in April 2000.

  61. Morrison Junior High School (7-9), Glace Bay
    Site #1:
    Site #2:
    Site #3:

  62. Glace Bay High School (10-12), Glace Bay

  63. St. Michael Junior High School (7-9), Glace Bay

  64. Park Junior High School (7-9), Sydney

  65. Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High School (7-9), Whitney Pier

    Award Logo Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 10-14 April 2000
    Category: Links
    Citation: Here is another fun site full of great links to explore. You can choose from entertainment, informational, education and health sites, among others. We really liked the "random quotes" section as well ... good for a laugh or two. Fantastic site!

  66. Holy Angels High School (10-12), Sydney

  67. Sydney Academy (10-12), Sydney

  68. Sherwood Park Education Centre (7-9), Sydney
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  69. Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High School (7-9), Sydney
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  70. MacLennan Junior High School (7-9), Westmount
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  71. Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High School (7-9), Bras d'Or, Cape Breton County

  72. Cabot Junior-Senior High School (7-12), Neil's Harbour, Victoria County

  73. Mi'kmawey School, Chapel Island Reserve, Cape Breton

  74. L'Ardoise School (5-8), L'Ardoise, Richmond County

  75. St. Peter's District High School (9-12), St. Peter's, Richmond County
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  76. Whycocomagh Consolidated School (P-12), Whycocomagh

  77. Waycobah First Nations Secondary School, Whycocomagh, Cape Breton Island

    Award Logo Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 8-12 November 1999
    Category:   Community
    Citation:   The community profile that Waycobah First Nations Secondary School did as part of Communities@ca really makes their site unique. Not only do they discuss the geography and history of their community, but they interviewed elders in their community and profiled them, as well as they included biographies of elders that are no longer with us. A very inspirational site!

    School Website Builders
    Microsoft/Grassroots Project of the Month

    November 1999

    Award Logo

    Waycobah First Nation School, Whycocomagh, Cape Breton Island

  78. Inverness Junior/Senior High School (7-12), Inverness, Victoria County
    Inverness Academy

  79. Margaree Forks District High School (10-12), Margaree Forks, Victoria County

  80. Strait Area Education & Recreation Centre (7-12), Port Hawkesbury

    The SAERC Girls Highland Thunder Electric Racing Team
    Summary of the Highland Thunder Electric Racing Team Trip to Phoenix

    The Highland Thunder Electric Racing Team

    The Car

  81. Port Hawkesbury Elementary
    Centennial Elementary (P-4)
    Senior Elementary (5-6)

  82. Chedabucto Elementary School, Guysborough

    All of the following were working on 25 February 2000, and on 24 April 2000:
    Chedabucto Elementary School, Grade 5 Class M, 1996-1997
    Chedabucto Elementary School, Grade 5 Class M, 1997-1998
    Chedabucto Elementary School, Grade 5 Class M
    Chedabucto Elementary School, Grade 5 Class M, 1998-1999
    Chedabucto Elementary School, Grade 5 Class M
    Chedabucto Elementary School, Grade 4/5 Class M, 1999-2000
    Chedabucto Elementary School, Grade 4/5 Class M, 1999-2000
    Chedabucto Elementary School, Grade 5 Class M
    Chedabucto Elementary School, Grade 5 Class M

  83. Guysborough Municipal High School, Guysborough

  84. Antigonish East High School (7-12), Monastery, Antigonish County

  85. Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School (9-12), Antigonish

  86. St. Andrew Junior High School (6-8), Antigonish
    Site #1: http://WWW.Ednet.NS.Ca/educ/schoolpages/sajs/Default.htm
    Site #2:

  87. Braemore Elementary School (P-6), Antigonish

  88. East Pictou Rural High School (7-12), Thorburn, Pictou County

  89. Gaetz Brook Junior High School (7-9), Head of Chezzetcook, Halifax County

  90. Saint Charles Elementary School (P-6), Amherst

  91. E.B. Chandler Junior High School (7-8), Amherst

  92. Northport Elementary School (P-6), Northport, Cumberland County

  93. Pugwash District High School (7-12), Pugwash

  94. North Colchester High School (7-12), Tatamagouche

  95. River John Consolidated School (P-9), River John

  96. Cobequid Educational Centre (10-12), Truro

  97. Brookfield Junior High School (7-9), Brookfield, Colchester County

  98. South Colchester High School (10-12), Brookfield, Colchester County

  99. Hants East Rural High School (7-12), Milford Station, Hants County

  100. Hants North Rural High School (7-12), Kennetcook, Hants County

  101. Hants West Rural High School (7-12), Brooklyn, Hants County

  102. Oldfield Consolidated School (P-6), Enfield, Halifax County

  103. Musquodoboit Rural High School (7-12), Middle Musquodoboit, Halifax County
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  104. Eastern Shore District High School, Musquodoboit Harbour, Halifax County

  105. Duncan MacMillan High School (7-12), Sheet Harbour, Halifax County

  106. Lakefront Consolidated Elementary School (7-12), Tangier, Halifax County

  107. Riverside Education Centre, Milford, Halifax County

    Reference:   Riverside Education Centre, Nova Learning Inc.

  108. Georges P. Vanier Junior High School (7-9), Fall River, Halifax County

  109. Bedford Junior High School (7-9), Bedford

  110. Hillside Park Elementary School (P-6), Lower Sackville, Halifax County

  111. Gertrude Parker Elementary School (P-6), Lower Sackville, Halifax County

  112. Leslie Thomas Junior High School (7-9), Lower Sackville, Halifax County

  113. Sackville High School (10-12), Lower Sackville, Halifax County

  114. Millwood High School (10-12), Middle Sackville, Halifax County

  115. Sackville Centennial School (P-6), Lower Sackville, Halifax County

  116. Sackville Heights Elementary School, Lower Sackville, Halifax County

  117. Hammonds Plains Consolidated School (P-4), Hammonds Plains, Halifax County

  118. Harold T. Barrett Junior High School, Beaver Bank, Halifax County

  119. Brookside Junior High School (6-9), Armdale, Halifax County
    Site #1:

    Award Logo Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 27 September - 1 October, 1999
    Category:   Tools
    Citation:   What is the best way to incorporate a video into a lesson? How can students help to set assignment deadlines? These and other questions are answered in this section of teacher tips. There are also links to many helpful sites. Original, thoughtful, and practical.

    Brookside Junior High School (6-9), Armdale, Halifax County
    Site #2:

  120. Tantallon Junior High School (7-9), Tantallon, Halifax County

  121. Sir John A. MacDonald High School (10-12), Hubley, Halifax County

  122. John W. MacLeod/Fleming Tower School, Halifax

  123. Cornwallis Junior High School (7-9), Halifax

  124. Inglis Street Elementary School (P-6), Halifax

  125. St. Catherine's School, Halifax

  126. Burton Ettinger School (P-6), Halifax

  127. Highland Park Junior High School (7-9), Halifax

  128. Oxford School, Halifax

  129. Elizabeth Sutherland School (P-9), Halifax

  130. St. Mary's Elementary School (P-6), Halifax

  131. LeMarchant St. Thomas School (P-6), Halifax

  132. Shambhala Elementary School (P-6), Halifax

  133. O'Connell Drive Elementary School (P-6), Porter's Lake, Halifax County

    Reference:   O'Connell Drive Elementary School, Nova Learning Inc.

  134. Queen Elizabeth High School (10-12), Halifax

  135. St. Patrick's High School (10-12), Halifax

    Award Logo St. Patrick's High School Music Site
    Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 6-10 March 2000
    Category: Music
    Citation: You can tell music is very important at Saint Patrick's High School from their great web site. This music site has it all! Check out hundreds of music-related web sites, voice your musical opinion on the "Student Sound-Off" column, or learn about the different ensembles at the school and when they are performing. You can do all this while listening to some relaxing classical music. Fantastic site!

  136. J.L. Ilsley High School (10-12), Halifax
    Site #1:
    Site #2:
    Site #3:

  137. Halifax West High School (10-12), Halifax

  138. Gorsebrook Junior High School (7-9), Halifax

  139. Halifax Grammar School (P-12), Halifax
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  140. Sacred Heart School (P-6), Halifax

  141. Ross Road Elementary & Junior High School (P-9), Dartmouth
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  142. John MacNeil School (P-6), Dartmouth

  143. Bridgeway Academy, Dartmouth

  144. George Bissett Elementary School (P-6), Dartmouth

    Award Logo Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 13-17 March 2000
    Category:   Presentation
    Citation:   We were very impressed with the web site of George Bisset Elementary School, especially the flashing images and the helpful explanation of the school's location. This site is real pleasure to visit. Excellent work!

  145. Prince Arthur Junior High School (7-9), Dartmouth

    Award Logo Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 27-31 March 2000
    Category:   Interactive for Students
    Citation:   The Prince Arthur Junior High web site does a great job of involving students through various fun contests and polls. Students can participate in the "student capture contest", view the "picture of the week" and participate in democracy by voting in the students polls. This what we like to see. Great site!

  146. Auburn Drive High School (10-12), Cole Harbour, Halifax County

    Award Logo Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Winner of Weekly Award, 13-17 December 1999
    Category:   Policies
    Citation:   Thank goodness we can access all these policies online! Everything a student or parent needs to know about the school's positions on racial incidents, homework, exams, discipline, and much more. The section is also neat and clear, very easy to read.

  147. Tallahassee Community School, Eastern Passage, Halifax County

  148. Oceanview Elementary School (P-6), Eastern Passage, Halifax County

  149. Sir Robert Borden Junior High School (7-9), Cole Harbour

    Award Logo
    Canada's SchoolNet School Site Builders
    Connected School of the Week, 10-14 January 2000

  150. Astral Drive Junior High School (7-9), Cole Harbour
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  151. Caldwell Road Elementary School (P-6), Cole Harbour, Halifax County

  152. Cole Harbour High School (10-12), Cole Harbour, Halifax County

  153. Crichton Park Elementary School (P-6), Dartmouth

  154. École Shannon Park Elementary School (E: P-6, F: 4-6), Dartmouth

  155. Southdale North Woodside Elementary School (P-6), Dartmouth

  156. Caledonia Junior High School, Dartmouth

  157. Bicentennial School (P-9), Dartmouth

  158. École Rockingham School (P-6), Halifax

  159. École Belleville, Belleville

  160. École Buttes-Amirault, Tusket, Yarmouth County

  161. École Pubnico-Ouest, West Pubnico, Yarmouth County

  162. École Sainte-Anne-du-Ruisseau (9-12), Sainte-Anne-du-Ruisseau, Yarmouth County
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  163. École Wedgeport,Wedgeport, Yarmouth County

  164. École Saint-Albert, Salmon River

  165. École Stella-Maris, Meteghan

  166. École secondaire de Clare, Meteghan River

  167. École Jean-Marie-Gay, Saulnierville

  168. École Joseph-Dugas, Church Point

  169. École R.C. Gordon, Greenwood

  170. École de la Rive-Sud, Lunenburg

  171. École du Carrefour, Dartmouth
    Site #1:
    Site #2:

  172. École Beaubassin, Shannon Park, Dartmouth
    École Beaubassin, Halifax

  173. École Bois-Joli, Dartmouth

  174. École acadienne de Truro, Truro

  175. École Pomquet, Pomquet

  176. École NDA, Cheticamp

  177. École Petit de Grat, Petit de Grat

  178. École secondaire de l'Isle-Madame, Arichat

  179. Centre scolaire Étoile de l'Acadie, Sydney

Vanished Websites

Aldershot Elementary School (P-6), Kentville
1998-99 location:

Lockeport Elementary School (P-6), Lockeport
1998-99 location:

Mi'kmaq Student Services (P-12), Chapel Island, Richmond County
1998-99 location:

Canso High School (P-12), Canso
1998-99 location:

Tatamagouche Elementary School (P-6), Tatamagouche
1998-99 location:

Bible Hill Junior High School (7-9), Truro
1998-99 location:

Dutch Settlement Elementary School (P-6), Dutch Settlement, Halifax County
1998-99 location:

Eastern Passage Junior High School (7-9), Eastern Passage, Halifax County
In 1998-99 it had two websites at

A.J. Smeltzer Junior High School, Lower Sackville, Halifax County
1998-99 location:

St. Francis Elementary School (P-6), Halifax
1998-99 location:

Beechville Lakeside Timberlea School (P-9), Halifax County
1998-99 location:

Colonel John Stuart Elementary School (P-6), Dartmouth
1998-99 location:

Dartmouth High School (10-12), Dartmouth
In 1998-99 it had two websites at and

Clayton Park Junior High School (7-9), Halifax
1998-99 location:

Prince Andrew High School (10-12), Dartmouth
1998-99 location:

École Beaufort, Halifax
1998-99 location:

Sackville Heights Junior High School (7-9), Lower Sackville, Halifax County
1998-99 location:

Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary School, Fall River, Halifax County
1998-99 location:

Armbrae Academy (P-12), Halifax
1998 location:

Yarmouth - Shelburne Learning Centres
1998 location:

Felix Marchand Elementary School (P-4), Louisdale, Richmond County
1998 location:

St. Andrew's Consolidated Elementary School (P-6), St. Andrew's, Antigonish County
1998 location:

Sir Charles Tupper School (P-6), Halifax
1997 location:

Fairview Junior High School (7-9), Halifax
1997 location:

Sheriff Junior High School (7-9), Sydney
1997 location:

B.C. Silver Junior High School (7-9), Halifax
1997 location:

Special Interest

Flexible Learning & Education Centres [FLEC], Halifax Regional School Board
(formerly known as Adult High School)

This is not a school home page, but it is a WWW site that makes prominent mention of
Hants North Rural High School, Kennetcook, Hants County

Sydney Academy, Class of 1980 — 20-Year Reunion, August 2000

Related Websites

Directory of Public Schools in Nova Scotia
This site allows you to search the Nova Scotia Directory of Public Schools for P-12 contact information and school board office personnel. You can download the entire 1999-2000 Directory of Public Schools.

Amalgamated (in 1996) School Boards in Nova Scotia

Southwest Regional School Board, Yarmouth

Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, Berwick

Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, Sydney

Strait Regional School Board, Port Hastings

Chignecto-Central Regional School Board, Truro

Halifax Regional School Board, Halifax

Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial, Meteghan

Halifax District PTA, Halifax

Nova Scotia Teachers Union

Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture
The Department's list of Nova Scotia School Websites

Junior High Network Project

Nova Learning Inc. is a development/consulting company which specializes in the design, development and management of technologically enhanced schools.

Nova Learning Inc.: Completed schools, schools under construction, schools being planned

Champlain Elementary School, Granville Ferry, Annapolis County

Forest Ridge Academy, Barrington

Bayview Community School, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg County

Northeast Kings Education Centre, Canning, Kings County

Maple Ridge Elementary School, Lantz, Halifax County

Meadowfields Community School, Yarmouth

O'Connell Drive Elementary School, Porter's Lake, Halifax County

Pine Ridge Middle School, Kingston

Riverside Education Centre, Milford, Halifax County

All of the URLs above (except the Vanished Websites)
were valid when checked in April 2000.
They have been reproduced here by Copy and Paste.
There are no typing errors in the URLs, because no typing was involved.

Southwest Regional School Board
Split Into Three Parts

Purves splits mega school board

Dividing Southwest regional hoped to resolve spats among members

The Halifax Chronicle-Herald
Friday, April 28, 2000

Southwest regional school board members from one part of the region no longer need worry about bickering with fellow board members who live three or four counties away.

Yesterday, Education Minister Jane Purves introduced legislation that will split the board, creating two boards to look after education-related matters, while retaining a third administrative body with a chief executive officer, accountable to the deputy minister. A task force report on school board boundaries recommended splitting the board because infighting among elected officials was hampering decision-making.

The new Tri-County district school board will serve Digby, Yarmouth and Shelburne counties, while the South Shore district school board will oversee Queens and Lunenburg counties. The third body will keep the name Southwest regional school board, but won't deal with any educational concerns. The CEO will head a group of senior administrators who'll deal with buildings, buses, contracts and the like. That is the group that must still find ways of eliminating $7.2 million from the board's budget. Total funding for this pilot project will be the same as for the former Southwest regional board. "I'm confident it's going to work at least as well as what's there now ... or else I wouldn't be trying it," Education Minister Jane Purves said in a telephone interview Thursday. Government is not bent on taking over every school board in the province, said Ms. Purves. "In spite of what the critics say ... this is a model that I think has a really good chance of working," she said.

"I can see advantages in what we are going to do," said board member Robie Atkinson, a retired teacher who lives in Clark's Harbour. He'll serve on the Tri-County board. "My focus on the new board is just going to be education. I won't have to deal with the financial part of it ... and I'm very happy that we are going to be just the Digby, Yarmouth and Shelburne board. He said he found it trying keeping up with 65 schools spread across five counties.

The legislation was introduced Thursday but Ms. Purves didn't know when to expect passage. "It depends how long the opposition wants to debate it ... and I think they'll want to debate it fully, she said.

The changes are also about accountability. "I'm not saying the (Southwest) administration is necessarily top heavy ... We want to be able to see for ourselves how efficient an operation we can make it," the minister said. "We simply must have more accountability between government, who writes the cheques, and school boards, who spend them," she said.

The newly created boards are identical to the western and eastern zones of the former Southwest regional school board. Each new district board will have a director of education to serve as a superintendent. Right now, Leroy Legere serves in that capacity in the western zone, while Terry Doucette is in charge of the eastern zone.

It's not known who will serve as education directors in the new boards, said Ann Jones, superintendent of the Southwest board. She does not know if she will remain as CEO.

Elected board members will stay on and transfer to their new boards. The Yarmouth head office will be used for the Tri-County board and the overseeing administrative group, while the Bridgewater satellite office will become home to the South Shore district board.

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     2003 Jul    85
     2003 Jun    87

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