Exchange News Room

Halifax, Nova Scotia

British Colonist
7 November 1848

In the autumn of 1848, this notice appeared in each issue of the British Colonist, a three-times-a-week newspaper published in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This image is from the November 7th, 1848, issue.

Nova Scotia: Exchange News Room, Halifax, 7 Nov 1848
The notice reads:
Exchange News Room
The subscriber begs leave to return his thanks to
the patrons of the Establishment for their gene-
rous support for the last five years, during the time
it has been under his management, and hopes, by an
unremitting attention to the duties of the Room, to
merit a further share of their kind support. Having
established a Correspondence in Great Britain and
the United States, New Brunswick, and other places,
he will by all latest arrivals be in possession immedi-
ately of all the latest information essential to the Es-
tablishments. Gentlemen, residents of the City, are
respectfully solicited to visit the Establishment for
one month, and judge for themselves — after that pe-
riod they are respectfully requested to become sub-
John W. Burket
Exchange R. Room

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