Photographs of
Miners Memorial

22 October 1891

To the memory of those who lost their lives
in the Drummond Colliery on 13 May 1873

Pictou County
Nova Scotia

Location: Acadia Park in downtown Westville

GPS location:   45°33'27"N   62°42'43"W

Westville: Acadia Park entrance

Westville: Miners Memorial 1891, west face
West face
Westvill: Miners Memorial 1891, south face
South face

Westville: Miners Memorial 1891, west face
West face

Westville: Miners Memorial 1891, west face detail
West face detail

Westville: Miners Memorial 1891, south face
South face

Westville: Miners Memorial 1891, east face
East face

Westville: Miners Memorial 1891, west face
West face

Westville: Miners Memorial Westvill: Miners Memorial

Westville: Miners Memorial Westvill: Miners Memorial

The above photographs were taken on 5 May 2003.

Acadia Park

Westville Acadia Park

Westville Acadia Park: Westville fire department

Westville Acadia Park: Westville miners

Westville: mural as seen from Acadia Park
This mural was painted on the back of the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission building
by Colin Cook in 1997. It shows the Acadia Colliery as it looked many years ago.
Acadia Park Town of Westville

The above photographs were taken on 5 May 2003.

Links to Relevant Websites

Westville Miners Monument by the Town of Westville

Westville Miners Memorial

The Drummond Colliery Disaster 1873 Newspaper clipping, 17 May 1873

Terrible Explosion at the Drummond Colliery Eastern Chronicle, 15 May 1873

Drummond Colliery Explosion 13 May 1873
Nova Scotia Department of Mines Report

... I arrived at the Drummond Colliery about 2p.m. on the 13th inst.
and found dense volumes of smoke issuing from the natural exits
of the mine, precluding the possibility of saving life by means of
those exits. Hearing that cries for help had been heard from the
pumping pit, Mr. Hudson and I went there. On our arrival we found
one man, (James Dunstan) being hauled up in a bucket by manual
power. After which, other two were drawn up. Then four volunteers
descended to prepare the way for larger gangs of men to search
for any who might yet be alive in the mine. Mr. Hudson and I had
determined to explore the pit with the hopes of saving life, and
were waiting for our safety lamps and the report of the volunteer
Burns as to the state of the bottom of the pit, when, as Burns was
being drawn up, one of the most terrific explosions I have ever
seen took place casting up the man and the bucket and
overthrowing the gin and parts about the pit. The plan of the
workings which we were studying at the time, was torn in our
hands by the falling debris. After witnessing this explosion and
the subsequent ones, I became convinced that every soul in the
mine was lost, and to pursue further investigation in the mine was
utterly useless. I then consulted with the other mining engineers
present, as to the best and quickest mode of recovering the bodies,
extinguishing the fire, and saving property. We, with one consent,
determined to inundate the mine, which we attempted to accomplish
by diverting the neighbouring brooks and applying every available
volume of water. After further consultation, it was determined,
that the most effectual means of checking the fire, was by closing
all the downcast approaches to the mine which carried air to the
flames. This we commenced to do after telegraphing to the
Government Inspector of Mines for his authority...

"overthrowing the gin" — "gin" means engine, a word that then
was used as a general term meaning any kind of machine.
Here, "overthrowing the gin" means the hoist or winch was
severely damaged.

Historical Images of Westville

Old Photograph: Miners preparing to enter the Drummond Mine

Acadia Park, Westville

Drummond Coal Mine, Westville

Acadia Coal Mine, Westville

Black Diamond Coal Mine, Westville


Photograph: Drummond Colliery, Westville

Photograph: Pit pony and miner in a mine in Nova Scotia, August 1946
The last working pit pony was brought out of the Drummond Coal Company
colliery at Westville, Nova Scotia, in 1978.

Coal in Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, 1995

The postcard below was bought 8 June 2004 on the Internet, from Victoria, British Columbia.
The publisher and date are not known; there is no postmark on this unused card.
Westville Miners Monument, early 1900s
Westville Miners Monument, early 1900s.

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

Westville war memorial Westville war memorial Westville

New Glasgow: Westray Miners Memorial Park Westray Miners Memorial Park New Glasgow

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Inverness coal miners memorial Inverness coal miners monument Inverness

Stellarton: Sobeys Industrial Monument Sobeys Industrial Monument Stellarton

Stellarton war memorial Stellarton war memorial Stellarton

New Glasgow: War memorial monument New Glasgow war memorial New Glasgow

New Glasgow: Pictou Highlanders obelisk Pictou Highlanders obelisk New Glasgow

Admiral Murray monument Admiral Murray monument Pictou Landing

Walmsley Lodge 1785 monument Walmsley Lodge 1785 monument Pictou Landing

Little Harbour: 82nd Regiment 1779-1783, plaque 82nd Regiment 1779-1783, plaque Little Harbour

Pictou: Dawson plaques Dawson plaques Pictou

River John: War memorial monument River John war memorial River John

River John: Legion Remembrance Gardens Legion Remembrance Gardens River John

Springhill: war memorial Springhill war memorial Springhill

Moose River Gold Mine Moose River Gold Mine collapse Moose River Gold Mines

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