82nd Regiment

1779 – 1783

Photographs of

Little Harbour
Pictou County
Nova Scotia

Location: On the east side of Highway 289 about one km south from Highway 348

GPS location:   45°38'11"N   62°33'52"W

Little Harbour: Community Centre

The above photographs were taken on 5 May 2003.

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Little Harbour Monument by the Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library

Little Harbour Monument (2) by the Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library

Soldiers From the 82nd Regiment Granted Land in Pictou County
The 82nd Regiment, also known as the Hamilton Regiment, was assembled
in 1778 in Scotland. As the thirteen American colonies had decided on
independence from Great Britain, the 8th Duke of Hamilton was appointed
to form a regiment to reinforce its troops in North America. Potential
recruits from the Lanarkshire district were plied with guineas and port
to join the regiment. In addition, a detachment of soldiers enlisted
for service in the 42nd and 71st regiments, the Black Watch and the
Fraser Highlanders, were ordered into the 82nd. They refused and were
convicted of mutiny. King George III pardoned them, perhaps on the
condition they serve in the 82nd regiment. Six companies were raised
and set sail for Halifax, Nova Scotia...

82nd Regiment of Foot Raised in 1777 in Lanarkshire by the Duke of Hamilton
for service in North America. Sometimes also called The Duke of Hamilton's...

Settlers of Pictou from the 82nd Regiment Land Grants

18th Century Scottish Cavalry, Highland and Lowland Regiments
82nd Regiment - Hamilton Regiment, raised in 1778, disbanded in 1784

18th Century - British and Provincial
The history of Scottish and Highland Regiments serving in North America
is a long one ... The 82nd Regiment of Foot (The Hamilton Regiment) was
raised in Lanarkshire in 1778 and arrived in New York in 1779. They were
sent to Halifax to deter the French Fleet and half of the companies were
sent to Penobscot and with the 74th and 84th, were responsible for the
defeat of the Massachusetts Navy...

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

Admiral Murray monument Admiral Murray monument Pictou Landing

Walmsley Lodge 1785 monument Walmsley Lodge 1785 monument Pictou Landing

New Glasgow: Westray Miners Memorial Park Westray Miners Memorial Park New Glasgow

Westville: Miners Memorial monument 1891 Miners Memorial monument 1891 Westville

Trenton: Workers Monument Workers Monument Trenton

Stellarton: Sobeys Industrial Monument Sobeys Industrial Monument Stellarton

New Glasgow: War memorial monument New Glasgow war memorial New Glasgow

New Glasgow: Pictou Highlanders obelisk Pictou Highlanders obelisk New Glasgow

Stellarton war memorial Stellarton war memorial Stellarton

Westville war memorial Westville war memorial Westville

River John: War memorial monument River John war memorial River John

River John: Legion Remembrance Gardens Legion Remembrance Gardens River John

Pictou: Dawson plaques Dawson plaques Pictou

Yorkshire Settlers plaque Yorkshire Settlers plaque River Philip

Diligent River: historic monument Diligent River historic monument Diligent River

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