Mona Parsons

1901 – 1976


Nova Scotia

Located in Willowbank Cemetery on the east side of Gaspereau Avenue

GPS location:   45°05'11"N   64°21'23"W



Mona Parsons was born in 1901 in Middleton, Nova Scotia.
During World War Two 1939-1945, she became part of a
resistance unit in Nazi-occupied Holland.  In 1941, she was
condemned by a Nazi tribunal to death by firing squad, for
helping downed Allied airmen to escape from Holland.
In 1942, this sentence was commuted to a long term of
imprisonment.  She managed to escape and made her way
to safety by posing as a German.  Mona was presented with
citations from General Eisenhower and Air Chief Marshal Tedder
of the Royal Air Force for helping Allied airmen evade enemy capture.

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