S.S. Atlantic

1 April 1873

The greatest loss of life
in a single North Atlantic tragedy
between 1707 and 1912

Photographs of

Star of the Sea cemetery
Lower Prospect

Halifax Regional Municipality
Nova Scotia

How to get there: See map below

GPS location:   44°27'48"N   63°43'20"W

S.S. Atlantic memorial, Lower Prospect: general view looking west

Photographed on 15 November 2002

S.S. Atlantic memorial, Lower Prospect

Photographed on 15 November 2002

S.S. Atlantic memorial, Lower Prospect

Photographed on 15 November 2002

Map showing location of the S.S. Atlantic memorials
Map showing location of the S.S. Atlantic memorials
at Sandy Cove and Lower Prospect, Halifax County.

"S.S." means steam ship.

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S.S. Atlantic 1873: memorial at Sandy Cove Terence Bay

S.S. Atlantic: An account of the disaster On March 31st Captain Williams
and third officer C. L. Brady were at the bridge till midnight, there was
a heavy sea running and it was very dark...

S.S. Atlantic Heritage Park Sandy Cove, Terence Bay

S.S. Atlantic: Recent photographs of the wreck, August 2002

The Wayback Machine has archived copies of:
The Wreck of the SS Atlantic, off Prospect, Nova Scotia
Recent photographs of the wreck

Archived: 2003 April 22

Archived: 2003 June 20

Burial service, Victims of Wreck of SS. Atlantic, Lower Prospect, April 1873

S.S. Atlantic Extracts from Loss of the Steam Ship Atlantic published 1873

Treacherous Waters

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

S.S. Atlantic 1873 memorial at Sandy Cove, Terence Bay S.S. Atlantic 1873: memorial at Sandy Cove Terence Bay

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Postal Service in Nova Scotia Postal Service in Nova Scotia Halifax

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Seabright war memorial Seabright war memorial Seabright

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