Robert Christie
1788 – 1856

Photographs of

Hants County
Nova Scotia

Located on the left side of the front door of
the Hants County War Memorial Centre, Windsor

GPS location:   44°59'32"N   64°08'00"W

Windsor: Robert Christie plaque
Robert Christie plaque, Windsor
Photographed on 20 March 2003

Hants County War Memorial Centre, Windsor
Hants County War Memorial Centre, Windsor
The Robert Christie plaque is to the left of the front door
Photographed on 20 March 2003

Hants County War Memorial Centre, Windsor
Hants County War Memorial Centre, Windsor
This plaque is placed to the right of the front steps
Photographed on 20 March 2003

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Robert Christie (1787-1856) Dictionary of the members of Parliament of Quebec, 1792-1992

History of Pointe a la Croix/Cross Point, Province of Quebec

In 1819 Robert Christie was secretary of the Gaspe Lands Claims Commission. We find
his signature on many land deeds and he became a Gaspesian landowner and summer resident
at Cross Point. He published in 1818 and 1820 many Memoirs on the Administration of
Lower Canada. He wrote a History of the late province of Lower Canada in six volumes.
In 1827 Robert Christie was elected to represent the District of Gaspe in the Legislature
Assembly seat. He was opposed by the members of the French Canadian majority and expelled
from the House on the grounds that he had, as Chairman of the Quarter Sessions of the
District of Quebec, advised the omission of the names of certain reformers from the
Commission of Peace. Between that time and 1834 he was re-elected no less than five times
by his loyal constituents of Gaspesia and again expelled each time from the Assembly.
Not until the elections of 1841, following the union of Lower and Upper Canada did he
succeed in taking his seat in Parliament. From 1841 to 1854 he was a sitting member of
Parliament. The Christie home in Quebec was for many years on the square know today as
the Jardin des Gouverneurs, the location of the Wolfe - Montcalm Monument overlooking
the Dufferin Terrace, adjacent to the Chateau Frontenac. Later Christie's family home was
on the street that bears his name in the City of Quebec...

Books by Robert Christie

Memoirs Of The Administration of the Colonial Government
Of Lower-Canada, By Sir James Henry Craig, And Sir George Prevost;
From The Year 1807 Until The Year 1815, Comprehending the Military
and Naval operations in the Canadas during the late War

published 1818 in Quebec
published 1818 in New York
In mid-April 2003, a copy of this book, the original 1818 Quebec edition,
was for sale by a well-known Toronto second-hand bookstore, price $1600.

A History of the Late Province of Lower Canada,
Parliamentary and Political, from the commencement
to the close of its existence as a separate province:
Embracing a period of fifty years...
six volumes
Printed and published 1848-1855 by T. Cary & Co., Quebec
Second edition: published 1866 by Richard Worthington, Montreal
In mid-April 2003, a complete set of six volumes of this book, the original edition 1848-55,
was for sale by a well-known Ottawa second-hand bookstore, price $600 for the set.

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

Hants County war memorial Hants County war memorial Windsor

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Fort Edward cannons Fort Edward cannons Windsor

Fort Edward blockhouse Fort Edward blockhouse Windsor

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Windsor Exhibition founded in 1765 Windsor Exhibition founded in 1765

Acacia Villa School cairn Acacia Villa School monument Hortonville

Planters monument Planters monument Horton Landing

Planters cairn, Town Plot, Starrs Point Planters cairn Town Plot, Starrs Point

Sir Robert Laird Borden monument Sir Robert Laird Borden Monument Grand Pre

Abraham Gesner Monument Chipman Corner

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William Roue, Millennium Plaque Millennium Plaque: William Roue Dartmouth

Alexander Keith monument Alexander Keith monument Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax

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Falmouth: Sainte-Famille Parish Cemetery Sainte-Famille Parish Cemetery Falmouth

Monument: 1747 Attack at Grand Pre Monument: 1747 Attack at Grand Pre Grand Pre

John Frederick Herbin memorial at Grand Pre J.F. Herbin memorial Grand Pre

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow memorial at Grand Pre H.W. Longfellow memorial Grand Pre

Fort Point monument Fort Point monument LaHave

Ellershouse war memorial Ellershouse war memorial

William Hall monument, Hantsport William Hall monument Hantsport

Hantsport war memorial Hantsport war memorial Hantsport

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