Photographs of
War Memorials

Hants County, Nova Scotia

Old War Memorial

Erected 1948     Restored 2001

Hants County
Nova Scotia

Located in the intersection of Highways 14 and 215

GPS location:   45°00'22"N   64°00'39"W

New War Memorial

WW1     1914 – 1918
WW2     1939 – 1945

Erected 1997

Hants County
Nova Scotia

Located on the west side of Highway 215
about 400m south from Highway 14

GPS location:   45°00'14"N   64°00'27"W

Petition to the Legislature

24 November 1997

MR. SPEAKER: ...The honourable member for Hants West.

MR. RONALD RUSSELL: Mr. Speaker, I beg leave to table a petition signed
by 1,000 residents of the Village of Brooklyn and the area around Brooklyn.

AN HON. MEMBER: How many?

MR. RUSSELL: Brooklyn has only a population of about 100 actually, but there
were 1,000 people signed this petition, (Laughter) but the proximity is large.

Mr. Speaker, at the conclusion of World War II in 1947, the veterans built a
memorial to veterans of World War I and World War II, and they built it right at
the intersection of the three roads that intersect in the middle of Brooklyn.
The Department of Transportation, in their wisdom, decided that was an
impediment to traffic, which indeed to some extent it was because on
November 11th, whenever they had a parade there, it did become quite dangerous.

So, they have built a new memorial out at the volunteer fire station in Brooklyn
and they got a plaque on that, et cetera. The villagers now want that cenotaph in
the centre of Brooklyn to remain. It has been turned over to the Department of
Transportation, but it is a historical landmark and is one that is very readily
pointed out as being the direction to somebody's house or somebody's business.

So, Mr. Speaker, this petition signed by 1,000 people, endorsed by the Board
of Trade of Windsor and West Hants, including a poem that was generated by
this possible removal of the monument, I would now like to table, and suggest
to the minister that he earnestly consider retaining the monument in the middle
of the Village of Brooklyn.

MR. SPEAKER: The petition is tabled.

Source: Hansard, 24 November 1997

Statement in the Legislature

28 November 1997

MR. SPEAKER: The honourable Minister of Transportation and Public Works.

HON. DONALD DOWNE: Mr. Speaker, honourable members of the House,
colleagues, ladies and gentlemen. I rise today to reassure the House and the
residents of Brooklyn, Hants County, that their historic war monument will
be preserved. (Applause)

Mr. Speaker, staff of the Department of Transportation and Public Works
have been actively involved in this issue for many months. They have continued
to provide support and services to civic leaders, members of the Brooklyn and
area veterans' committee, and citizens of Brooklyn.

Mr. Speaker, my department helped members of the local veterans' committee
erect the new monument this year on the Brooklyn fire hall property so
Remembrance Day celebrations could be held in a safer location, away from
nearby highways.

However, Mr. Speaker, there has been a debate in the community over what
should be done with the old monument. It stands on a highway right-of-way at
the three-way intersection of Route 215 and Trunk 14.

I acknowledge the petition tabled by the honourable member for Hants West,
in this House, brought significant support from the people of Brooklyn and
surrounding communities to ensure the old monument remains intact.
I believe that is what the community wants.

In that light, Mr. Speaker, I again reaffirm my department's position to listen
to the wishes of the community and assure the House the war memorial at
Brooklyn will not be removed unless the community asks the department to
so do.

Source: Hansard, 28 November 1997

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