Articles of Submission and Agreement
made at Boston, Massachusetts
by delegates from Tribes Inhabiting
Within Nova Scotia or New England

15 December 1725

This Treaty shall be Ratified at Annapolis Royal

Whereas His Majesty King George by concession of The Most Christian King,
made at the Treaty of Utrecht, is become the rightful possessor of the Province of
Nova Scotia or Acadia according to its ancient boundaries: We ... acknowledge
His said Majesty King George's jurisdiction and dominion over the territories of
the said Province of Nova Scotia or Acadia...

15 December 1725

Done at the Fort of Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia...
in the first year of the reign of...George the Second...

13 May 1728

Cerified true copy of the Treaty made at Boston, 15 December 1725
and the Ratification at Annapolis Royal, 13 May 1728

Thomas B. Akins
Commissioner of Public Records
Province of Nova Scotia
Halifax, 30 September 1886

Source: Early Canadiana Online
(formerly CIHM – Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions)

The book Indian Treaties and Surrenders, first printed in two volumes in 1891,
is the only complete collection of the actual texts of all pre-Confederation
treaties,  land  cessions,  numbered  treaties  and  surrenders.
Source: Assembly of First Nations

A two-volume set was printed in 1891, containing the texts to 1890.
A second edition, in three volumes, brought the record up to 1902.

Transcript: Treaties of 1725, 1752, 1794

According to the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, there are some 68 known treaties in Canada between First Nations and the Crown.  The National Archives estimates there are nearly 600 treaties and surrenders.  These estimates do not include treaties like the Nisga'a Agreement or the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement which are classified as "modern day" treaties.
Source: Assembly of First Nations

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