Yorkshire Settlers

1772 – 1775

Photographs of

River Philip
Cumberland County
Nova Scotia

Located about 50m south from the River Philip United Church

GPS location:   45°39'36"N   63°54'22"W

River Philip: Yorkshire Settlers plaque

River Philip: Yorkshire Settlers plaque
Photographed at 6:25am, 30 July 2003

River Philip: Yorkshire Settlers, George Oxley 1790

River Philip: Yorkshire Settlers

The above photographs were taken on 30 July 2003.

Links to Relevant Websites

Forgotten Migration Halifax Sunday Herald, 9 January 2000

The Yorkshire Emigration, 1772-1775 by G.M. Ripley
...Almost all of the Yorkshire emigrants remained loyal to Britain during the
Eddy Rebellion in 1776, thus helping to determine the future of both Nova Scotia
and Canada...

The Legacy : Plaques and Memorials The Yorkshire 2000 Legacy Committee

The Yorkshire Rural Emigration to Nova Scotia on the Eve of the American Revolution
extracted from John Thornton Dixon's PhD Dissertation, University of Leeds, 1981

Tantramar Historic Sites
Until 1784, all of this area was part of Nova Scotia...

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

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