Photographs of
War Memorials,
Historic Monuments
and Plaques
Cumberland County
Nova Scotia

Cumberland County war memorialAmherst — Cumberland County war memorial

E.B. Chandler plaqueAmherst — E.B. Chandler plaque

R.B. Dickey plaqueAmherst — R.B. Dickey plaque

J. McCully plaqueAmherst — J. McCully plaque

Sir C. Tupper plaqueAmherst — Sir C. Tupper plaque

Diligent River: historic monumentDiligent River — Diligent River historic monument

Fort Lawrence historical plaqueFort Lawrence — Fort Lawrence historical plaque, 1750

Joggins war memorialJoggins — Joggins war memorial

Maccan war memorialMaccan — Maccan war memorial

A.P. Seaman plaque and tombstoneMinudie — A.P. Seaman plaque and tombstone

Amos Seaman's two churchesMinudie — Amos Seaman's two churches

Oxford war memorialOxford — Oxford war memorial

First Air Mail plaqueParrsboro — First Air Mail plaque

Port Greville war memorialPort Greville — Port Greville war memorial

Yorkshire Settlers plaqueRiver Philip — Yorkshire Settlers plaque

Springhill: war memorialSpringhill — Springhill war memorial

Wentworth Valley war memorialWentworth — Wentworth Valley war memorial

Westchester Station war memorialWestchester Station — Westchester Station war memorial

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