E.B. Chandler

1800 – 1880

Edward Barron Chandler

Photographs of

Cumberland County
Nova Scotia

Located at 98 Victoria Street East

GPS location:   45°50'03"N   64°12'45"W

Amherst: E.B. Chandler plaque
Left plaque: R.B. Dickey     Right plaque: E.B. Chandler
Photographed at 12:40pm (the clock has been stopped for a long time)

Amherst: E.B. Chandler plaque
Plaque date: 1939

The old Dominion Public Building
These plaques are mounted on the old Dominion Public Building,
98 Victoria Street East, Amherst.
The E.B. Chandler plaque is hidden behind the far column.

The above photographs were taken on 30 July 2003.

Photographs of the
Other Three Plaques

at this location

R.B. Dickey plaque

J. McCully plaque

Sir C. Tupper plaque

Four of the Fathers of Confederation
came from Amherst, Nova Scotia
Edward B. Chandler
Robert B. Dickey
Jonathan McCully
Charles Tupper

E.B. Chandler obituary, Globe and Mail, 5 February 2004
Globe and Mail obituary page, 5 February 2004

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Edward Barron Chandler by the Cumberland Regional Library

The Fathers of Confederation
Adams G. Archibald, N.S.
George Brown, Canada
Alexander Campbell, Canada
Frederic B.T. Carter, Nfld.
George E. Cartier, Canada
Edward B. Chandler, N.B.
Jean Charles Chapais, Canada
James Cockburn, Canada
George H. Coles, P.E.I.
Robert B. Dickey, N.S.
Charles Fisher, N.B.
Alexander T. Galt, Canada
John Hamilton Gray, P.E.I.
John Hamilton Gray, N.B.
T. Heath Haviland, P.E.I.
William A. Henry, N.S.
William P. Howland, Canada
John M. Johnson, N.B.
Hector L. Langevin, Canada
Andrew A. Macdonald, P.E.I.
John A. Macdonald, Canada
Jonathan McCully, N.S.
William McDougall, Canada
T. D'Arcy McGee, N.B.
Peter Mitchell, N.B.
Oliver Mowat, Canada
Edward Palmer, P.E.I.
William H. Pope, P.E.I.
John W. Ritchie, N.S.
J. Ambrose Shea, Nfld.
William H. Steeves, N.B.
Etienne P. Tache, Canada
S. Leonard Tilly, N.B.
Charles Tupper, N.S.
Edward Whelan, P.E.I.
Robert D.Wilmot, N.B.

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

R.B. Dickey plaque R.B. Dickey plaque Amherst

J. McCully plaque J. McCully plaque Amherst

Sir C. Tupper plaque Sir C. Tupper plaque Amherst

Thomas Dixson, November 1776, plaque Thomas Dixson, November 1776, plaque Fort Cumberland

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