Port Royal Habitation

1605 – 1613

Second-oldest European settlement in North America

Date of first

♦ 1565   St. Augustine, Florida
♦ 1605   Port Royal, Nova Scotia
♦ 1607   Jamestown, Virginia
♦ 1608   Quebec City, Quebec
♦ 1620   Plymouth, Massachusetts
Port Royal, 1605, is counted as the second oldest
permanent (continuously-occupied) European settlement
on the North American continent after St. Augustine,
Florida, which was settled by Spain in 1565.

Photographs of
Historic Site

Port Royal
Annapolis County
Nova Scotia

GPS location:   44°42'44"N   65°36'32"W


Map showing the location of the Port Royal Habitation 1605-1613 historic site

Map showing the location of the Port Royal Habitation
historic site, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.
Roads are shown as they were in 1978. Except for Highway 101, the
layout of the roads in 2004 has not changed much from that shown here.

Photographs of War Memorials, Historic Monuments and Plaques in Nova Scotia

Scotch Fort 1629 monument Scotch Fort 1629-1632 monument Port Royal

Monument: Poutrincourt's 1607 Mill Poutrincourt's 1607 Mill monument LeQuille

Bloody Creek monument Bloody Creek 1757 monument Bloody Creek

Fort Anne bronze cannon Fort Anne bronze cannon Annapolis Royal

1849 Nova Scotia Pony Express Monument Victoria Beach

Rawding Captains monument Rawding Captains monument Clementsport

Annapolis Iron Mining Company monument Annapolis Iron Mining Company monument Clementsport

Fort Point monument Fort Point monument LaHave

Clementsport war memorial Clementsport war memorial

Clementsvale war memorial Clementsvale war memorial Clementsvale

Bear River war memorial Bear River war memorial Bear River

Bridgetown war memorial Bridgetown war memorial Bridgetown

Arthur Kennedy tombstone Arthur Kennedy tombstone LeQuille

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